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At the LU Student Health Center, we provide a patient-centered medical home environment.  We facilitate health care partnerships between you and your primary care provider and care teams.  To achieve this, we focus on five key aspects of care:  the patient-provider relationship, continuity of care, comprehensiveness of care, quality of care and accessibility.  Services include care for acute illness and injuries as well as more chronic conditions.  Laboratory and x-rays can be done at LU Student Health Center and are included within the student health fee services.  Referrals for specialty care can be coordinated for you by our team.

Medical Clinic Service Offerings:

  • Physician, nurse practitioner, and physician’s assistant office visits
  • Acute care visits
  • In-office lab tests and diagnostics (including blood draws, EKGs, and basic X-rays)
  • Annual physicals
  • Chronic disease management for asthma, diabetes, auto-immune disorders, and other long-term conditions
  • Coordination of care with specialists
  • Preventive care visits
  • Nutritional and health coaching
  • Unlimited visits to the Student Health Center 

*All charges for excluded services will be personally covered by the patient. Excluded services include visits to CVFP Diagnostic or Immediate Care centers or the emergency room, hospitalizations, inpatient care, fiberglass casts, splints, DME, allergy testing, B12 injections, all vaccines/immunizations (influenza vaccine and allergery injection administration only two included in health fee), services performed outside the Student Health Center, specialist services, or counseling above the allotted six visits per year. Some durable medical equipment may be available for limited use at no charge.